How to purchase from outside Japan.
Welcome to T2 Racing!

We correspond in English or Japanese.
I'm sorry that we were not good at English, so if it was rude sentences.
This shop is displayed in the shipping fee in Japan domestic shipping.
The shipping cost to the destination you specify is determined by the weight of the place and the item. As for the amount of goods, what is actually displayed on the net is Japan's tax-free price.
For your order we will send you an email regarding the amount.
You may find that amount a bit expensive.
The amount includes a small fee.

We will help you to purchase.
If you are thinking about purchasing please be sure to read the text below before you settle.








How to buy


When purchasing with this net shop, please contact me once by email before purchase · settlement.


Please email here.


Please write me the following 1 to 6 and email me.
1  Buyer name Full name.
2  Contact phone number.
3  Destination address · Country name
  ( Please do not forget the name of the recipient when the purchaser and

   the payee are different. )
4  Name of the item you want to purchase · The number you need.
5  If there are multiple 4, please indicate the number you want for each item.
6  How you want payment.

I will contact you to receive mail from you.
Please allow you to receive mail from
I will help you with your purchase.








method of payment


You can use paypal , credit card , PayPay or Alipay.



With your email I will calculate the shipping fee to you.

 I will tell you the total amount you will pay by email.
With your consent I will send you an email about payment.
You pay according to the mail.
If you use a credit card, I will ask your personal information.
Believe me, your personal information will be deleted as soon as payment is completed.









shipping method


We will deliver the package to you with EMS or FedEx.



You can not specify it.
I think that the shipping fee will be as cheap as possible.
Please do not worry.

If your package is big, I will use FedEx.
In FedEx there is a possibility that your package will not reach you by personal address due to the country you receive.
In that case, if you deliver the package at the company's name / address of your company or your friend, the package will be carried safely and smoothly.
Please cooperate with me.

Please do not hesitate to email us for inquiries.
Even if it takes time I will reply to mail.




Thank you !